Mat­thi­as in Czech Re­pu­blic Day 3

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The se­cond day star­ted like the first one: At first we had bre­ak­fast tog­e­ther and we went to school af­ter­wards. Be­cau­se we knew our tasks, we star­ted work immedia­te­ly. That was the re­a­son why the da­ta­ba­se con­tai­ning the ques­ti­ons for the game grew fre­quent­ly and the game made good pro­gress. Our en­thu­si­astic work only was in­ter­rup­ted by an over­loa­ded WLAN and of cour­se the launch break.

Af­ter launch we star­ted our trip to „Red Hat“, which is a com­pa­ny working in the open-source sec­tor for ages. The­re we were in­tro­du­ced to the princi­ples of open source and to its re­la­ti­on with soft­ware. Bes­i­des, they told us so­me­thing about open source in the hard­ware and even me­di­ci­ne sec­tor. The lat­ter al­lows pa­ti­ents to share their cur­rent he­alth si­tua­ti­on and to re­cei­ve comments from doc­tors and other pa­ti­ents re­gar­ding their diseases.

Af­ter the pre­sen­ta­ti­on at Red Hat we star­ted with the ath­le­tic part of the week, in­door paint­ball. In the Czech Re­pu­blic paint­ball is not play­ed with ink balls be­cau­se it is pro­hi­bi­ted. Al­ter­na­tively they use rub­ber balls. This ex­p­lains why they trans­la­te paint­ball to „pain­ball“, be­cau­se it hurts.

We grou­ped into two teams, Ger­ma­ny vs Czech Re­pu­blic, and were equip­ped with ca­mou­fla­ge over­alls and a pro­tec­tion vest. The field ran­ged over two floo­rs. The se­cond one was only used in the last round of the game. Each team star­ted on their side of the field, which was their base. The goal was to rush the en­emies’ base and to push a button.

The game was lost aw­ful­ly by the Ger­man team with the re­sult 1:4. No­bo­dy knows whe­ther this was cau­sed by the ex­pe­ri­ence of our Czech friends or by their tac­ti­cal stra­te­gy. In the end no­bo­dy was in­ju­red seriously.

Af­ter a short talk about the past game, whe­re ever­y­bo­dy told each other about their strikes and hits, we made an ap­point­ment with our Czech friends for la­ter this evening.

Af­ter a short break in the ho­tel and a re­fres­hing sho­wer we went to an Ita­li­an re­stau­rant. The­re they had spe­cial­ties like Piz­za with a dia­me­ter of 55cm, which is ne­ar­ly as much as a quar­ter squa­re me­ter. For re­fe­rence a nor­mal piz­za is just half the size of that.

We were told by the wai­tress, that this size ac­tual­ly was for en­t­i­re fa­mi­lies, but ever­y­bo­dy was ex­haus­ted af­ter this day full of ac­tion. The piz­zas whe­re too big for one ta­ble, so they just brought a se­cond one. First we thought, that this was just a joke but af­ter the piz­zas ar­ri­ved we chan­ged our minds. I won’t go into any de­tail but I can tell that we nee­ded to take a lot of re­mai­ning piz­za to the hotel.

Sa­ted and with a bit of re­mor­se we split into smal­ler groups which went to the ho­tel or fur­ther in the city for some cool drinks.

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