Mat­thi­as in Czech Re­pu­blic – Day 2

The first real day star­ted with a plea­sant and rich bre­ak­fast here in Cze­chia. But this was not the only plea­sant start that day. Af­ter we went on to the SPS, the Czech school, at 8.45, we were wel­co­med warm­ly. We were able to be­gin with our work when we pasts a litt­le com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ve exchange.
Af­ter a short pha­se of ma­na­ging so­me­things and mo­ving to ano­t­her room ever­yo­ne was working with full effort.
The de­ve­lo­per worked again on a code for a game whe­re you should throw a dice to walk some steps to an­s­wer ques­ti­ons. The team was di­vi­ded in two groups, one for the da­ta­ba­ses and the other for the ques­ti­ons. The first group be­gan to work com­mer­cial work or­ders. The work­up of pho­tos to­ken in Würz­burg as well as the work­out of ques­ti­ons were the other group’s work packages.
The crea­te pha­se was first­ly in­ter­rup­ted be­cau­se of the lunch break which re­war­ded us with a lunch that was bet­ter than our tea­chers had told us be­fo­re, so it was with mine.
Af­ter backing up strength we pro­cee­ded with working on on our pro­ject in the afternoon.
At half past two we went to a city ral­ly which star­ted across from the St.Michaelis church. It led us all through Brünn. With a group one half Czechs and on half Ger­mans, we se­ar­ched for hints like you do in a sca­ven­ger hunt game to get a se­cret pass­word. Un­for­tu­n­a­te­ly, my group did not find the place whe­re we could use this pass­word. Thus, we en­ded the ral­ly self-re­li­ant af­ter few hours in a cof­fee shop. This cof­fee shop’s fur­nish was in style of a Bri­tish avia­tor squa­dron from Se­cond World War.
Here we ar­ran­ged an evening out in a pub to ex­tend and care for our Czech Ger­man friendship. Of cour­se, we did this in a way the EU would be proud of us.
Ther­eby we fi­nis­hed our first working day in Cze­chia and pre­pa­red us mental­ly for the next day.

Tatjana S.

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