Jana Reu­ters first ex­pe­ri­ence in So­lu­ti­on Ma­nage­ment in Cologne

On 09.10.2017 I tra­vel­led to Co­lo­gne, be­cau­se right at the be­gin­ning of my first prac­ti­cal pha­se I star­ted with the ro­ta­ti­on in Co­lo­gne. When I ar­ri­ved in Co­lo­gne, I met my de­part­ment all of them were very nice to me, so that I could quick­ly feel at home. I gai­ned a good in­sight into So­lu­ti­on Ma­nage­ment in Co­lo­gne, as I was also al­lo­wed to take part in the wee­kly team mee­ting, I got to know all the pro­jects that are cur­r­ent­ly up to date. I could sup­port Ge­rald Wild­mo­ser in his work, and I was able to help de­sign the new RMI por­tal, which is part of the OE ca­ta­lo­gue, and to crea­te a usa­bi­li­ty test, car­ry it out and eva­lua­te it af­ter­wards. I had a lot of fun do­ing this task, so I en­joy­ed go­ing to work every day. The men­ta­li­ty in Co­lo­gne is no­ti­ce­ab­ly dif­fe­rent, the­re aren´t few col­leagues here who pre­fer to start work ear­ly in the morning, so that many take the chan­ce to start work at nine o’ clock in the morning. I was also able to do some work for other col­leagues and get to know their tasks a litt­le better.

On Thurs­day the 16.11.2017 we went back to Wei­kers­heim, be­cau­se the­re was an IT-Ba­sic-Cour­se of­fe­red by Si­mon Röhm for us new ap­pren­ti­ces and stu­dents, who did­n’t learn IT di­rect­ly. I also had the op­por­tu­ni­ty to par­ti­ci­pa­te in the team mee­ting of the en­t­i­re So­lu­ti­on Ma­nage­ment team. Ge­ne­ral­ly, I can say that it was a good time in Co­lo­gne and in So­lu­ti­on Management.

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