IT-So­lu­ti­ons Day in Maastricht

Fi­nal­ly, at the 25th and 26th of April, the so cal­led „IT-So­lu­ti­ons Day“ took place in Maas­tricht (Ne­ther­lands) and I (Si­mon), IT-spe­cia­list sys­tem in­te­gra­ti­on in the se­cond year of training, was al­lo­wed to par­ti­ci­pa­te as well. On tho­se two days our who­le group „IT-So­lu­ti­ons“ got tog­e­ther the­re to get to know each other’s and dis­cuss several pro­jects. But at first, ob­vious­ly, we had to get the­re. Our col­leagues from Mu­nich ar­ri­ved a day ear­lier in Co­lo­gne so not­hing could in­ter­fe­re with our 1.5 hours trip to the Ne­ther­lands. It was my first vi­sit to our lo­ca­ti­on in Maas­tricht so we first were shown around. We were not only shown the usu­al of­fices but also the ser­ver rooms, which I per­so­nal­ly was su­per ex­ci­ted to see. Af­ter we fi­nis­hed our quick tour through the buil­ding we dis­cus­sed the dif­fe­rent pha­ses of pro­jects and how they are al­rea­dy rea­li­zed in the IT-So­lu­ti­ons team.

Sin­ce that was a very dry and theo­re­ti­cal to­pic we had to do a long and ex­ten­si­ve lunch bra­ke, in which we had sand­wi­ches, all kinds of fruits, sweets etc. All the me­als had been or­ga­ni­zed by the col­leagues in Maas­tricht. Sad­ly the lunch was over pret­ty fast and they pre­sen­ted us two dif­fe­rent pro­ducts, which are being de­ve­lo­ped the­re. Af­ter­wards the dif­fe­ren­ces and com­mo­na­li­ties had been dis­cus­sed to be able to sum­ma­ri­ze cer­tain fea­tures for the future.

That had been the last to­pic this day so we first quick­ly step­ped by our ho­tel to throw our stuff into our rooms and to re­fresh our­sel­ves. 15 mi­nu­tes la­ter we met in the lob­by again and dro­ve into the ci­ties cen­ter to have din­ner in a Ta­pas-Bar lo­ca­ted di­rect­ly next to the ri­ver Maas, from which the city, ob­vious­ly, got its name.

The se­cond day star­ted exact­ly as the day be­fo­re en­ded. A lot of re­views on fi­na­li­zed pro­jects, but a spe­cial fo­cus was set on the pro­ject „re­pla­ce­ment of the out­da­ted mo­ni­to­ring sys­tem“ be­cau­se it af­fects all the lo­ca­ti­ons in Eu­ro­pe. Af­ter we fi­nis­hed the dis­cus­sion, we had an ex­pe­ri­ence ex­chan­ge about the to­pics ‚cloud-com­pu­ting‘ and ‚vir­tua­liz­a­ti­on‘ which was re­al­ly nice be­cau­se each and every sin­gle one could con­tri­bu­te his or her know­ledge, so ever­yo­ne was able to learn something.

The last to­pic of the agen­da was the plan­ning and pre­pa­ra­ti­on of the next team mee­ting. That didn´t take very long and we were fi­nal­ly re­leased and hea­ded back home to Cologne.

I´d like to thank my team to give me the op­por­tu­ni­ty to par­ti­ci­pa­te at this re­al­ly in­te­res­ting mee­ting and all the col­leagues in Maas­tricht for their af­fa­bi­li­ty, sin­ce­ri­ty and the ca­te­ring 🙂 on be­half of IT-Solutions!

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