Big News: Trai­nee News­let­ter as a blog!?

As you all have no­ti­ced, we do not send our trai­nee news­let­ter as a do­cu­ment any­mo­re and the trai­nee news­let­ter has not been ab­olished, but you will find us on­line now. We have con­si­de­red that a blog is the best way to pre­sent our­sel­ves as a vo­ca­tio­nal training team.

Yes, you heard it right; our well-known trai­nee news­let­ter gets a new lay­out and is no lon­ger sent or dis­tri­bu­t­ed by mail. We have da­r­ed to leap into the di­gi­tal age and crea­ted a blog too. The­re­fo­re, we rely on your help. Wri­te us your per­so­nal opi­ni­on or lea­ve us a like, be­cau­se we would be very hap­py as a trai­nee news­let­ter team.

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