Han­ne­lo­re Diertl-Deskovic

To­day we’d like to in­tro­du­ce you to Han­ne­lo­re Diertl-Des­ko­vic (HDD). For Han­ne­lo­re, no two days are ever the same – well, ex­cept for sto­cking up on wa­ter for the day when she gets into the of­fice each morning. Af­ter that, she starts out by ta­king care of ‘rou­ti­ne tasks’ like re­leasing in­voices. Ge­ne­ral­ly, Han­ne starts work short­ly af­ter eight af­ter ta­king her daugh­ter to school. She li­kes to be on the move and, pro­vi­ded the jour­ney is not too long, she pre­fers to dri­ve. For Han­ne, a good work-life ba­lan­ce is key, de­fi­ned not by the amount of work she has to do but more by how much au­to­no­my she has over when and whe­re the to do the work. In any case, her best ide­as come to her when she is out of the of­fice – for ex­amp­le, when she is run­ning or in the bath in the morning. To re­lie­ve stress Han­ne li­kes to do sports, pre­fer­a­b­ly out in the fresh air. What she li­kes least wi­t­hin the work­place: a lack of pro­fes­sio­na­lism and ob­jec­ti­vi­ty or a pro­blem-ori­en­ted ra­ther than so­lu­ti­on-ori­en­ted approach.

Han­ne worked for AutoScout24 be­fo­re joi­ning TecAlliance via a re­cruit­ment agen­cy. She star­ted her ca­re­er in HR as a stu­dent trai­nee. She has held jobs from HR ad­mi­nis­tra­tor through to busi­ness part­ner be­fo­re be­co­m­ing a team lea­der and HR ma­na­ger. Du­ring this time, she main­ly worked in te­lecoms and la­ter e‑commerce. She en­ded up do­ing HR by chan­ce. Be­cau­se she found it so ex­ci­ting, she stay­ed in it. Right now, her per­so­nal mot­to is ‘The jour­ney is the de­sti­na­ti­on’. Han­ne herself is very of­ten on the road and vi­sits the other TecAlliance lo­ca­ti­ons once or twice a mon­th. Her fa­vou­rite can­te­en is in Is­ma­ning. She li­kes working in Wei­kers­heim be­cau­se it is so won­der­ful­ly peace­ful and the views are fantastic.

She cur­r­ent­ly ma­na­ges a high­ly au­to­no­mous team of se­ven; among other things, she is pas­sio­na­te about self-stu­dy and en­cou­ra­ges her col­leagues to read many tra­de ar­ti­cles and to share their know­ledge. She is not a big fan of ex­ter­nal seminars.

Han­ne­lo­re mo­ti­va­tes her team by:

·         de­le­ga­ting responsibility

·         de­fi­ning me­a­ning­ful tasks in a good working at­mo­s­phe­re, and

·         crea­ting a sti­mu­la­ting working en­vi­ron­ment whe­re em­ployees can learn a lot and con­ti­nue to develop

Her lea­ders­hip style is ge­ne­ral­ly ge­a­red towards uphol­ding com­pa­ny va­lues and ex­em­pli­fy­ing the Lea­ders­hip Principles.

She re­al­ly en­joys our Trai­nee News­let­ter and is a re­gu­lar rea­der. She be­lie­ves the Vo­ca­tio­nal Training Team plays a ma­jor role wi­t­hin TecAlliance – and not just wi­t­hin her area of re­spon­si­bi­li­ty. What’s more, the bud­get for the team has been in­cre­a­sed and the com­pa­ny is pres­sing ahead with its glo­ba­li­sa­ti­on stra­te­gy (e.g. by at­trac­ting coope­ra­ti­ve edu­ca­ti­on stu­dents from coun­tries out­side Ger­ma­ny). So far, we have had huge suc­cess de­ve­lo­ping our own ju­ni­or ta­lent, which is so­me­thing we will con­ti­nue to build on. Hanne’s de­part­ment has pre­vious­ly re­cei­ved a gre­at deal of sup­port from our Trai­nee Team, but she wants to see more trai­nees pla­ced in all de­part­ments. The­re are no trai­nees or stu­dents working in her de­part­ment now, but she can en­vi­sa­ge a trai­nee shadowing her for a day, with a team mee­ting pro­vi­ding the ide­al opportunity.

Our thanks to Han­ne once again for the in­ter­view. We hope you too now feel that you are bet­ter ac­quain­ted with her.

Matthias F.

Ich bin Matthias, 22 Jahre alt. Meine Ausbildung zum IT-Systemkaufmann bei der TecAlliance GmbH habe ich im September 2015 begonnen. Seit dem konnte ich viel erleben und meine Wissen in sämtlichen Teilen der IT und dem Kaufmännischen Wesen verbessern.

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