Guar­di­an an­gels at the Mer­gen­theim Christ­mas Market

Guar­di­an an­gels at the Mer­gen­theim Christ­mas Market

Yes­ter­day evening, 13.12.2018, I was with some of my col­leagues at the Christ­mas mar­ket in Bad Mer­gen­theim. On this mar­ket we sold tog­e­ther ho­me­ma­de coo­kies and he­li­um bal­loo­ns. 100% of the in­co­me goes to the children’s cli­nic in Tü­bin­gen. The ac­tion was plan­ned by the pro­ject choir Ha­rald Bei­bl, wher­eby we as TecAlliance found the idea very good and ac­tively sup­por­ted it.

For us trai­nees and stu­dents the ac­tion was on a vol­un­ta­ry ba­sis, but this did not stop us from hel­ping many people.

The cam­pai­gn star­ted at 16:45 in the Volks­bank at the Bad Mer­gen­thei­mer mar­ket place whe­re we star­ted fil­ling the bal­loo­ns with he­li­um and ty­ing the rib­bons. Du­ring this pro­cess one or the other bal­loon flew to the ceiling… 🙂
Af­ter we fil­led about 150 bal­loo­ns, the choir star­ted sin­ging on the grand­stand and our team split up. A few groups spread over the christ­mas mar­ket and sold the bal­loo­ns and a group, to which I be­lon­ged, stood next to the stands and sold bal­loo­ns and cookies.
The re­mai­ning bal­loo­ns we all let rise from the choir af­ter the last song.

All in all it was a nice fi­nal of the an­gel ac­tion, which en­ded with the fact that we all got tog­e­ther and drank a cup of mul­led wine or the dri­vers al­co­hol free punch.

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