Growth in the Trai­nee Team

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On Fri­day, Sep­tem­ber 1, the 17 new trai­nees ar­ri­ved at TecAlliance to start their ap­pren­ti­ce­ship or dual stu­dies at TecAlliance. The first day be­gan for the new­co­mers at 8 a. m.
with a wel­co­me speech and in­iti­al in­for­ma­ti­on about TecAlliance. At about 10 a. m. the­re was a get-to-know game with the en­t­i­re trai­nee team. The al­most 50 trai­nees were pla­ced in a cir­cle and had to stand on an em­pty beer cra­te wi­thout being al­lo­wed to touch the ground. That sounds qui­te simp­le at first, but then we had to sort al­pha­be­ti­cal­ly by first name – wi­thout tou­ch­ing the ground of cour­se. This was fol­lo­wed by a de­man­ding ba­lan­cing bet­ween the beer cra­tes in or­der to ele­gant­ly get past the trai­nees. The game is a good way to re­mem­ber the first na­mes and also ser­ves as an ice­brea­ker. Around noon, the en­t­i­re trai­nee team set off on a two-day ex­cur­si­on to the Ne­ckar Ri­ver. But we don’t want to reve­al too much here – in the next few days we will be ad­ding fur­ther contributions.

We wish all new trai­nees a good start to their working life!

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