Girls’ Day in Is­ma­ning, Co­lo­gne and Weikersheim

Girls’ Day Weikersheim

The Girls’ Day in Wei­kers­heim was ope­ned with a wel­co­m­ing speech by our Exe­cu­ti­ve Vice Pre­si­dent In­for­ma­ti­on Ma­nage­ment, Ralf Pel­k­mann. Here the girls were gi­ven an over­view of the TecAlliance.

The­re fol­lo­wed an in­tro­duc­tion to us and to the girls. When ever­yo­ne knew who they were loo­king at, the girls got a look at our dai­ly busi­ness by ta­king them through the com­pa­ny. So they were able to have ever­ything ex­p­lai­ned to them by all of the TecAlliance teams.

This was fol­lo­wed by a small pro­gramming ses­si­on in which the ba­sics were shown and re­pro­du­ced. But be­fo­re the heads star­ted to smo­ke it was time for lunch.

The af­ter­noon pro­gram con­sis­ted most­ly of the Raspber­ry Pi, which was ex­p­lai­ned and pas­sed around. Af­ter­wards the­re was the pos­si­bi­li­ty to send own com­man­ds to the Sen­se Hat con­nec­ted with the Pi by using the pro­gramming lan­guage Py­thon, so that who­le sen­ten­ces could be dis­play­ed colorful.

In the me­an­ti­me the girls were gi­ven fur­ther in­sights, for ex­amp­le how to use voice con­trols with Cor­ta­na in their dai­ly work and what our ser­ver room loo­ks like and why it has to be so cold there.

Fi­nal­ly, the­re was a feed­back round in which our as­sump­ti­on was once again confirmed:

Ever­yo­ne had fun and lear­ned a lot.


Girls’ Day Ismaning

The Girls’ Day in Is­ma­ning be­gan with a friend­ly gree­ting from our trai­ner Timm Nießl­beck. Af­ter a short in­tro­duc­tion the girls got an over­view of the com­pa­ny and the training with us. Af­ter­wards they had the pos­si­bi­li­ty to ask us trai­nees and stu­dents about us and our training du­ring short interviews.

Af­ter­wards they went on a tour through the who­le com­pa­ny. It was very im­pres­si­ve to see how the fi­nan­ce de­part­ment de­ci­des on the bud­get and what a ser­ver room loo­ks like from the in­si­de. Or to see what hap­pens when one of the back­up hard disks is pul­led out.

Af­ter the tour the­re was an in­tro­duc­tion to pro­gramming. Af­ter the girls had lear­ned what to do with a loop or is a data type was al­rea­dy noon. Af­ter a tas­ty re­fresh­ment in the can­te­en, the girls star­ted to dis­as­sem­ble a PC and re­co­gni­ze the in­di­vi­du­al com­pon­ents full of en­thu­si­asm. None of them had a pro­ces­sor in their hands before.

Then they re­co­gni­zed the in­di­vi­du­al com­pon­ents of a com­pu­ter on the Raspber­ry Pi. They were very im­pres­sed by the many pos­si­bi­li­ties that such a Pi of­fers: Co­lour­ful fla­shing lights, a timer and much more.

One im­portant thing, espe­cial­ly for the youn­ger ge­nera­ti­on, is that the In­ter­net does­n’t for­get anything. They were ama­zed at how quick­ly you can find pic­tures and in­for­ma­ti­on about peop­le, even though you have very litt­le in­for­ma­ti­on. Be­cau­se that was the last part of the Girls’ Day, an in­tro­duc­tion to social en­gi­nee­ring. Soon ever­yo­ne wan­ted to se­arch for their name and that of their parents.

Fi­nal­ly, the­re was a feed­back round from which only po­si­ti­ve feed­back was re­cei­ved. A very nice and suc­cess­ful Girls’ Day.

Girls Day Cologne

Yes­ter­day Girls’ Day took place here in Co­lo­gne, as it did at the two other lo­ca­ti­ons. It was held with 5 in­te­res­ted participants.

Af­ter the gree­ting, the girls were able to get an over­view of the TecAlliance du­ring a tour. They as­ked all kinds of ques­ti­ons. Then it re­al­ly star­ted: The girls were fi­nal­ly al­lo­wed to pro­gram! For many of them it was a com­ple­te­ly new ex­pe­ri­ence, but they suc­cess­ful­ly fa­ced it.

Du­ring the lunch break we got the feed­back that the par­ti­ci­pants found the tasks com­plex, but that they also had fun to do them. Du­ring lunch ever­yo­ne was very hap­py, laug­hed a lot and tal­ked to us trai­nees and stu­dents about all kinds of things.

Af­ter lunch, the ama­zed par­ti­ci­pants were shown the ser­ver room and lis­tened with in­te­rest to the histo­ry of the Co­lo­gne building.

When crea­ting an HTML page, ever­yo­ne was en­thu­si­astic about it and wan­ted to try out more af­ter the time had pas­sed. Af­ter that the­re was a vi­sit to a developer’s work­sta­tion and ano­t­her in­tro­duc­tion to pro­gramming. The day en­ded with sweet snacks, a feed­back round and 5 hap­py girls, most of whom would like to come back for an internship.

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