Girls’ Day 27.04

Schü­le­rin­nen an die Computer 
Er­klä­rung des Internets
Er­stel­lung ei­ner Web­site für den Girls-Day
Schü­le­rin­nen in Köln
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Sure most of you have he­ard so­me­thing of the “Girl’s Day”. It ta­kes place in Ger­ma­ny and Aus­tria once a year. This day should mo­ti­va­te girls and young wo­men to take their chan­ce in tech­ni­cal and sci­en­ti­fic jobs. Fur­ther­mo­re the ty­pi­cal ste­reo ty­pes will be clea­red up.

It was a plea­su­re for the TecAlliance to in­vi­te girls and young wo­men to have a look be­hind the sce­nes of the dif­fe­rent IT pro­fes­si­ons. It wasn’t the first time for our of­fice in Wei­kers­heim, but this year the doors were also ope­ned in Co­lo­gne and Mu­nich. But not only the TecAlliance was loo­king for­ward to the event. Al­rea­dy two weeks be­fo­re the “Girl’s Day” two of the three work­shops has been boo­ked out.

But now, so­me­thing about the agen­da of the day: Af­ter a litt­le in­tro­duc­tion into the TecAlliance world and a small tour through the of­fices the day star­ted right away un­der the slo­gan #girls­day­po­wer.  The first one of the TecAlliance trai­nees ex­p­lai­ned the hard­ware com­pon­ents to the girls, .who could get the ba­sic know­ledge about it. They had lunch, af­ter an in­tro­duc­tion to the ba­sics of C#. Immedia­te­ly af­ter lunch the girls lear­ned how they can crea­te small web­sites with HTML. The girls were free in their crea­ti­vi­ty and they could see that ap­p­li­ca­ti­on de­ve­lo­per are crea­ti­ve, too. Even new busi­ness ide­as star­ted gro­wing and we’re loo­king for­ward to see, what we earn from them in a few years.

The girls told us, that they didn’t ex­pect this much crea­ti­vi­ty wi­t­hin the IT in­dus­try and with that, they didn’t ex­pect the­re a lot of fe­ma­les, too. They’re hap­py that the TecAlliance , as an agi­le IT com­pa­ny, en­ab­les the “Girl’s Days” and the training of fe­ma­les in IT re­le­vant ‑jobs. Af­ter pro­gramming, our guests got a small in­tro­duc­tion in the to­pics net­work and in­ter­net. Last point on the agen­da was an­s­we­ring the ques­ti­ons of the girls, as well as gi­ving us feed­back for the day.

The feed­back was po­si­ti­ve: The girls said, that they en­joy­ed their time and now they now have a bet­ter un­der­stan­ding of the TecAlliance and the jobs in the com­pa­ny. They didn’t ex­pect that they would have one of the most di­ver­si­fied job as a com­pu­ter sci­en­tist, be­cau­se they’re nee­ded in al­most every com­pa­ny and in­dus­try and with that fu­ture trai­nees have a wide ran­ge of possibilities.

Last but not least we want to say, that we also en­joy­ed the time a lot and we’re loo­king for­ward to the next year!

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