Fur­ther im­pres­si­ons from the se­mes­ter ab­road in Singapore

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Hel­lo, this is me from Sin­g­a­po­re again!

Un­for­tu­n­a­te­ly, I did not wri­te an ar­ti­cle for a long time be­cau­se it was re­al­ly stress­ful here.

This is be­cau­se the Nan­yang Po­ly­tech­nic is com­ple­te­ly dif­fe­rent from the DHBW in Ger­ma­ny. The stu­dents do not only have to pass ex­ams at the end of the se­mes­ter but they also have to sub­mit many ICAs. ICAs are re­ports and pre­sen­ta­ti­ons which you have to do in group work. In one ICA, I had to in­vent an idea which is new on the mar­ket. For this idea I had to crea­te a Busi­ness Mo­del Can­vas and pre­sent it to the class. In ano­t­her group pro­ject we had to ob­ser­ve a cur­ren­cy pair and ana­ly­ze why it is go­ing up or down. The ICAs take re­al­ly long time and it is very ner­ve-racking. Let me give you an ex­amp­le: If you have to sub­mit the ICA on the 06th June 2018 by 11:59pm, the group will fi­nish it on the 06th June 2018 by 23:53pm. I am not used to this be­cau­se ac­tual­ly, I try to get my things done pret­ty ear­ly. But for luck, it works any­way here!

De­s­pi­te the­se many ICAs, we tried to tra­vel a bit. We went to Ma­lay­sia, Thai­land and Myanmar.


The­re, we vi­si­ted Kua­la Lum­pur which is a very be­au­ti­ful city and de­fi­ni­te­ly worth a trip. We par­ti­ci­pa­ted in a Hop-on-Hop-off-Tour: The­re, we went to Chi­na Town and the Lake Gar­den in which we saw a lot of mon­keys. We vi­si­ted the fa­mous KLCC Towers as well. On the other day, we went to the Batu Ca­ves. The big gol­den temp­le was pret­ty ama­zing and the tour in the ca­ves as well. And plea­se note: If you are in Kua­la Lum­pur, you ab­so­lute­ly have to try the Chi­cken Waff­le. It is a waff­le with some chi­cken bi­tes and ho­ney. Sounds weird but tas­tes so good!


First of all, we no­ti­ced that you have to take off your shoes be­fo­re you en­ter a house here. At the be­gin­ning, it was re­al­ly weird but you get used to it fast.

We spent our first day in Phu­ket: The­re, we vi­si­ted the Big Bud­dha which was re­al­ly im­pres­si­ve and of cour­se big. And on just this day, the­re was a big food mar­ket on which we tried as much as pos­si­ble of the dif­fe­rent food. We ate for ex­amp­le very de­li­cious and fresh su­shi, va­rious Thai nood­le pla­tes and man­go sti­cky rice. Then, we went on to the Phi Phi Is­lands. The­re, we hik­ed to a view point which was de­fi­ni­te­ly worth the ef­fort be­cau­se the sun­set was ama­zing. On the other day, we made a boat tour which star­ted at 6:30am: We vi­si­ted dif­fe­rent be­au­ti­ful bays and we also snor­ke­led. We saw dif­fe­rent kind of fi­shes and some of us even saw a small shark.


In My­an­mar, we vi­si­ted Yan­gon, Man­da­lay and Ba­gan. In Yan­gon, we went to many temp­les and we ex­plo­red the re­si­den­ti­al area by train. This was re­al­ly in­te­res­ting be­cau­se it be­ca­me ob­vious that the li­ving stan­dard is qui­te low here. Af­ter that, we went to Man­da­lay: We spent the two days with a very friend­ly taxi dri­ver who show­ed us many dif­fe­rent temp­les wi­t­hin and out­side Man­da­lay. We spent our last days in Ba­gan whe­re we rent scoo­ters in or­der to vi­sit all the temp­les the­re. We saw temp­les with re­al­ly old pain­tings. So­me­ti­mes, the in­ha­bi­tants ex­p­lai­ned us so­me­thing about their histo­ry. In My­an­mar, we vi­si­ted a lot of temp­les but it was re­al­ly in­te­res­ting any­way be­cau­se of the com­ple­te­ly dif­fe­rent culture!

Now, we have two weeks va­ca­ti­on to re­lax. Of cour­se, we will tra­vel. In my next ar­ti­cle, I will tell you which coun­try we ex­plo­red in this two weeks!


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