Free-time ac­ti­vi­ties in Is­ma­ning and the sur­roun­ding area

When a TecAlliance trai­nee ro­ta­tes ac­cord­ing to Is­ma­ning, he or she is usual­ly pla­ced in Un­ter­föh­ring or Is­ma­ning. The ex­cel­lent lo­ca­ti­on on the nort­hern edge of Mu­nich of­fers many pos­si­bi­li­ties, which we would like to share with you, so that you can ar­ran­ge your ro­ta­ti­on ex­ci­tin­g­ly.

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Swim­ming lakes

In Is­ma­ning and Un­ter­föh­ring the­re are ple­nty of op­por­tu­nities to cool off on warm sum­mer days. In Is­ma­ning the­re is the Ta­xet­wei­her, which is lo­ca­ted about half a ki­lo­met­re south of the S‑Bahn sta­ti­on. In Un­ter­föh­ring the­re are two pos­si­bi­li­ties. On the one hand, the well known Fe­ri­nga­see, but on wee­kends it is of­ten qui­te crow­ded when half of Mu­nich feels like re­la­xing the­re. A good al­ter­na­ti­ve is the Un­ter­föh­rin­ger See or Po­sching­erwei­her. The lake is smal­ler than Lake Fe­ri­n­ga, but less crow­ded and of­fers more peace and quiet.


Both Un­ter­föh­ring and Is­ma­ning are si­tua­ted di­rect­ly east of the Isar. As a rule, on both si­des of the shore the­re is a foot­path whe­re you can walk or cy­cle. The shore is also sui­ta­ble for bar­be­cue and you can cool off in the Isar.


The best fit­ness stu­dio is the Cle­ver­fit in Un­ter­föh­ring. The ad­van­ta­ge is that Cle­ver­fit in Bad Mer­gen­theim and Un­ter­föh­ring be­long to the same fran­chi­see. So you can en­ter the Cle­ver­fit Un­ter­föh­ring as of­ten as you like with your Cle­ver­fit con­tract from Bad Mer­gen­theim.

Spa Er­ding

About 20 km from Is­ma­ning lies the Er­ding ther­mal spa, one of the lar­gest in Eu­ro­pe. The ther­mal spa is known na­ti­on­wi­de and of­fers ever­ything from sau­na, sli­des to a wave pool.

Eng­lish Gar­den

The Eng­lish Gar­den bor­ders al­most di­rect­ly on Un­ter­föh­ring in the north – you only have to cross the Isar ri­ver. From the ac­com­mo­da­ti­on in Un­ter­föh­ring you are wi­t­hin 15 mi­nu­tes wal­king di­stance to the nort­hern part of the Eng­lish Gar­den. The Eng­lish Gar­den is one of the lar­gest parks in the world and its north-south ex­ten­si­on is more than 6 km. It ta­kes about 1.5 hours on foot to cross from north to south. Any fur­ther south, i. e. in the di­rec­tion of the city cent­re, the more crow­ded be­co­mes the Eng­lish Gar­den. The nort­hern part is the quie­test.

Pre-Alps & Alps

By car, you re­ach the edge of the Alps in one hour. Al­ter­na­tively, you can also tra­vel by train from Mu­nich Cen­tral Sta­ti­on (Haupt­bahn­hof). The­re are count­less pos­si­bi­li­ties here, so we only name a few. The lakes such as Ko­chel­see, Wal­chen­see, Te­gern­see or Schlier­see of­fer a high re­crea­tio­nal va­lue. If you like hi­king or moun­tai­nee­ring, you can find out more about worthwhile de­sti­na­ti­ons on the fol­lowing web­site – If you pre­fer it more cul­tu­ral, you can vi­sit the Be­ne­dikt­beu­ern Mo­nas­te­ry, for ex­amp­le.

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