Fleet mee­ting in Dusseldorf

Two weeks ago, the fleet & lea­sing in­dus­try mee­ting hap­pend in Düs­sel­dorf! The branch mee­ting held. Bes­i­des a gre­at ex­hi­bi­ti­on ap­pearan­ce, we can look back on a suc­cess­ful tra­de fair. In ad­di­ti­on to a gre­at lo­ca­ti­on and a per­fect­ly plan­ned event, we were able to ap­peal to many car parks, lea­sing com­pa­nies, ve­hi­cle ma­nu­fac­tu­rers and im­porters, and to make the TecAlliance as a com­pa­ny and a brand more pre­sent. Even though it will re­qui­re many other ac­ti­vi­ties to be well-known espe­cial­ly in the Fleet & Lea­sing busi­ness, we are loo­king for­ward to fur­the­ring pro­mi­sing dis­cus­sions in the co­m­ing weeks.

Al­rea­dy in the run-up, the­re were many to­pics to be or­ga­ni­zed and rea­li­zed. Star­ting with the boo­king of the booth, the de­sign of the booth, ad­ver­ti­sing ma­te­ri­al, a new ad­ver­ti­sing vi­deo up to the fi­nal set-up of the booth and the pro­vi­si­on of the en­t­i­re tech­ni­cal equip­ment and not least the data and so­lu­ti­ons, ever­ything worked smooth­ly this year. We were espe­cial­ly de­ligh­ted to wel­co­me Lin­da and her two col­leagues, Mar­cel and Mar­cin, who were able to gain an in­sight into the Fleet & Lea­sing Busi­ness. Af­ter the show, the three of them say that they have re­cei­ved an ex­ci­ting day with many im­pres­si­ons in the Fleet & Lea­sing branch and be­ca­me par­ti­cu­lar­ly in­te­res­ted in te­le­ma­tics and its im­pact on the industry.

Matthias F.

Ich bin Matthias, 22 Jahre alt. Meine Ausbildung zum IT-Systemkaufmann bei der TecAlliance GmbH habe ich im September 2015 begonnen. Seit dem konnte ich viel erleben und meine Wissen in sämtlichen Teilen der IT und dem Kaufmännischen Wesen verbessern.

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