First Week C#

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In the week from 16.09 – 20.09 we star­ted the in­tro­duc­tion in C# with Chris­ti­an Be­cker in a lar­ge group.   The first to­pics were Source­tree, Git and Azu­re Dev­Ops to get fa­mi­li­ar with ver­si­on con­trol. The first step was to crea­te your own re­po­si­to­ry to ma­na­ge your pro­jects.  Then we got an in­tro­duc­tion to C#. It star­ted with the ba­sics of the pro­gramming lan­guage its­elf, va­ria­bles and the con­so­le were the first to­pics to be co­ve­r­ed. Af­ter 1–2 days we star­ted with lists and ar­rays, all to­pics were tes­ted with small pro­gramming tasks. The­se were also al­ways dis­cus­sed af­ter­wards with Chris­ti­an, so that ever­yo­ne who still had open ques­ti­ons could ask them.  At the end of the week the­re were 2 brie­fings on cer­tain to­pics, on the one hand the to­pics tra­vel ex­pen­ses and he­alth and safe­ty in­st­ruc­tion. The brie­fing in the tra­vel ex­pen­se ac­coun­ting was ac­com­plis­hed by our Fi­nan­cial Ac­coun­tat, ther­eby we, the apprentices/students, were al­lo­wed to type in an ex­amp­le jour­ney in Con­cur, in or­der to il­lus­tra­te this vi­sual­ly and in or­der to be­co­me ac­quain­ted with the most ne­cessa­ry if one has times a busi­ness trip be­fo­re its­elf.  The next day we had the se­cond and last lec­tu­re for the week, which was about he­alth and safe­ty instruction.

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