First ex­pe­ri­ence of the new trai­nees in Cologne

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Köl­ner Dom
Alle neu­en Trai­nees lau­schen ge­spannt un­se­rem Gui­de Benjamin
Blick über Köln
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Af­ter we had al­rea­dy been able to get to know the TecAlliance in Is­ma­ning and Wei­kers­heim du­ring our first mon­th we spent the last week in the Co­lo­gne of­fice. As in Is­ma­ning we got to know many de­part­ments and em­ployees. Af­ter our trip from Wei­kers­heim to Co­lo­gne we first got a gui­ded tour through the buil­ding and an in­sight inte the Data Dirstri­bu­ti­on de­part­ment from our con­ta­ct per­son Ben­ja­min. On the fol­lowing day we got an in­sight into the tasks of the So­lu­ti­on Ma­nage­ment and the Sa­les de­part­ment. On this evening we went tog­e­ther with Ben­ja­min and his wife Ma­lou to a litt­le city tour. First we dro­ve to a viewing plat­form to see Co­lo­gne from abo­ve. The­re Ben­ja­min show­ed us the most im­portant and in­te­res­ting pla­ces of the city.
Af­ter­wards we wal­ked over the fa­mous Ho­hen­zol­lern Bridge towards the ca­the­dral. First of all we loo­ked at it from the out­side and the we went in­di­de to see the Co­lo­gne Cathedral.
Next to the ca­the­dral we vi­si­ted the bre­we­ry früh whe­re we could tas­te the fa­mous Kölsch. Af­ter the de­li­cious food the­re Ben­ja­min led us through the old town and show­ed us some im­portant places.
All in all it was a very nice evening with Ben­ja­min and Ma­lou du­ring which we were able to learn a lot about Cologne.
On Wed­nes­day we got a deeper in­sight into the Sa­les de­part­ment and the Mar­ke­ting de­part­ment. The fol­lowing morning we con­ti­nued the in­tro­duc­tion to the mar­ke­ting de­part­ment gai­ned an in­sight into the le­gal de­part­ment and deepend our know­ledge of in­for­ma­ti­on ma­nage­ment. Be­fo­re we re­tur­ned home on the last day we had a small house tour whe­re we vi­si­ted the Ser­ver rooms.
Fi­nal­ly it was a gre­at week in Co­lo­gne and we learn much about the TecAlliance, Co­lo­gne and the dif­fe­rent pro­ducts which gi­ves on each place.

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