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Fire pro­tec­tion as­si­stant training in Weikersheim

To­day a training cour­se for fire pro­tec­tion as­si­stants for all in­te­res­ted em­ployees took place in Wei­kers­heim. The training was held by an ex­ter­nal ser­vice pro­vi­der – and from our trai­nee team Stef­fen and Da­vid par­ti­ci­pa­ted. Yan­nik and Chris­toph had al­rea­dy com­ple­ted the training one mon­th be­fo­re. The day be­gan with a theo­re­ti­cal part and dealt with to­pics ran­ging from ope­ra­tio­nal fire pro­tec­tion to be­ha­viour in the event of fire.

Af­ter a litt­le re­fresh­ment in the lunch break we went to the prac­ti­cal part. The fire­men show­ed us you should­n’t try to put out a gre­a­se fire with wa­ter. Be­cau­se that an­s­wers the fire with a dan­ge­rous ex­plo­si­on. A si­mi­lar ex­pe­ri­ment show­ed the ex­plo­si­ve ef­fect of an over­hea­ting de­odo­rant can – as can be seen well in the gif abo­ve. Af­ter­wards, each par­ti­ci­pant was al­lo­wed to test the hand­ling of a fire extin­guis­her. Both with a foam extin­guis­her (fil­led with wa­ter for prac­ti­ce pur­po­ses only) and with a CO2 extin­guis­her, a prac­ti­ce fire was extin­guis­hed by each participant.

The training was an in­st­ruc­ti­ve ex­pe­ri­ence for us and na­tu­ral­ly en­su­res ad­di­tio­nal safe­ty in the workplace.

Stef­fen extin­guis­hes the test fire

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