Ex­hi­bi­ti­on in Niederstetten

The ex­hi­bi­ti­on in Nie­der­stet­ten is known as a plat­form for training, in­ternships and dual stu­dies in the “Obe­res Tau­ber­tal”. That’s why the TecAlliance pre­sen­ted its­elf as well.

The ex­hi­bi­ti­on star­ted on Fri­day, 9th March and en­ded on Sa­tur­day, 10th March. We had two dif­fe­rent teams pre­sen­ting the TecAlliance each day. Af­ter we have ar­ran­ged the ex­hi­bi­ti­on stand, we pre­pa­red our­sel­ves for the co­m­ing stu­dents. The ex­hi­bi­ti­on was well-vi­si­ted which me­ans that we had to talk a lot. The stu­dents were very in­te­res­ted and they had many ques­ti­ons re­gar­ding the training, the dual stu­dies, the in­ternships and the TecAlliance. The­re were also some stu­dents who came di­rect­ly to us be­cau­se they have read so­me­thing about the free va­can­ci­es at TecAlliance be­fo­re. Some stu­dents didn’t re­al­ly know what they want to do in the fu­ture re­gar­ding their job. We con­vin­ced them to par­ti­ci­pa­te in an in­ternship at TecAlliance in or­der to find out which training is the right one for them.

We are very ex­ci­ted if we will meet some of the in­te­res­ted stu­dents again du­ring an in­ternship at TecAlliance!

Our team on Friday
Our team on Saturday
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