Evening Bar­be­cue 10.05

Feierabend Grillen

On May the 15th we were kind­ly in­vi­ted to a small bar­be­cue by our SCRUM mas­ter Ni­ko­laus Gangl. The wea­ther on that day was re­al­ly good, so we could en­joy it du­ring gril­ling. Ever­yo­ne brought sa­lad and a few iso­to­nic drinks that were per­fect for the grill time. At the end ever­yo­ne was good stuf­fed, so we en­joy­ed the end of the working day tal­king to our col­le­ges. We al­rea­dy can´t an­ti­ci­pa­te the next time we can do such evenings and would be re­al­ly hap­py if events like this hap­pen­ed more often.

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