First im­pres­si­ons of Alex­an­dri­na and Ber­na at the DHBW Mosbach

We are two stu­dents – Alex­an­dri­na and Ber­na. Our stu­dent life be­gan on Oc­to­ber 2nd in Mos­bach.  Our first day be­gan with a wel­co­me speech from the rec­tor of DHBW Mos­bach – Mrs. Prof. Gabi Jeck – Schlott­mann. This was very well or­ga­ni­zed and we got a lot of in­for­ma­ti­on about our stu­dies and could collect our first po­si­ti­ve im­pres­si­ons. Af­ter the wel­co­m­ing speech, all stu­dents were di­vi­ded into stu­dy cour­ses. We, the busi­ness in­for­ma­tics, spent the rest of the day with our three cour­se lea­ders – Prof. Dr. Chris­ti­an Schal­les, Prof. Dr. Chris­toph Sturm and Prof. Dr. Dirk Pal­led­uhn. Af­ter the of­fi­cial part of the cour­se, came the first se­mes­ter par­ty, which was a gre­at fun for all the students.

The first se­mes­ter has be­gun and with him are co­m­ing the first lec­tures too. For us the lec­tures are full of new, use­ful and in­te­res­ting in­for­ma­ti­on. Tha­t’s why we use this in­for­ma­ti­on to de­ve­lop and im­pro­ve ourselves.

For us, the uni­ver­si­ty world is a gre­at ad­ven­ture, full of gre­at op­por­tu­nities such as mee­ting new peop­le, ta­king a new step in our lives and not only more free­dom, but also more and more re­spon­si­bi­li­ties. And we are rea­dy for it!

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