Edu­ca­ti­on fair 2018 in Lauda

Fa­bi­an, Anna-Lena and Mar­co at our ex­hi­bi­ti­on stand

Last week, the 2018 Edu­ca­ti­on Fair took place in Lau­da on Fri­day and Sa­tur­day. TecAlliance was of cour­se re­pre­sen­ted, as the midd­le Tau­ber Val­ley is an im­portant area for our re­cruit­ment of young ta­lent. On Fri­day our ex­hi­bi­ti­on staff con­sis­ted of 3 per­sons – Fa­bi­an and Anna-Lena from the trai­nee team and Mar­co as one of our trai­ners. On Fri­day many vi­si­tors came to the edu­ca­ti­on fair, as some school clas­ses were also re­leased for the fair. Howe­ver due to the warm wea­ther the town hall hea­ted up quick­ly. The fair star­ted on Fri­day at 8:30 and en­ded at about 13:30.

On Sa­tur­day the fair took place from 9 am to 2 pm and our staff con­sis­ted of three trai­nees (Ro­bert, Mar­cin and An­dre­as) and Thors­ten as in­st­ruc­tor. On Sa­tur­day it was warm again in the town hall but many vi­si­tors were in­te­res­ted in the TecAlliance. The new­ly of­fe­red dual cour­se of stu­dy “On­line Media” re­cei­ved a strikin­gly high demand.

We hope for nu­me­rous new ap­p­li­cants for the co­m­ing training and stu­dy year 2019 !

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