Com­pa­ny Run 2019

On Wed­nes­day, 10.07.19, the 4th Igers­heim Com­pa­ny Run took place. We, the TecAlliance, were re­pre­sen­ted with 27 run­ners, of which 12 were trai­nees and students.
We met at 18:30 o’clock at the sports fa­ci­li­ty in Igers­heim, and al­rea­dy pas­sed us on the run.
At 19 o’clock we star­ted: More than 1200 run­ners from com­pa­nies in the sur­roun­ding area took part in the com­pa­ny run. The di­stance went over 5.1 km and af­ter half of the di­stance and at the end free drinks were avail­ab­le to us.

I found the be­gin­ning and the end of the cour­se re­la­tively easy to run, but I had to fight right in the midd­le. Af­ter 39 mi­nu­tes I reached the fi­nish and was hap­py that it was over.

Af­ter that we were al­lo­wed to get a par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on T‑shirt and en­ded the evening with a bar­be­cue. We had brat­wurst and steaks, as well as a ho­me­ma­de po­ta­to and pas­ta salad.

It was re­al­ly fun and I hope to be back next year.


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