Christ­mas is coming!

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In the past, when I was a child, I al­most al­ways wan­ted sweets or so­me­thing si­mi­lar for Christ­mas, like many child­ren of that age. But now, a few ye­ars la­ter, I wish first and fo­re­mo­st for time with my fa­mi­ly. Be­cau­se for the training at TecAlliance I left home and mo­ved into an apart­ment in Bad Mer­gen­theim. The ad­van­ta­ge: a much shor­ter way to work. Dis­ad­van­ta­ge: I only see my fa­mi­ly on wee­kends at most. All the more I am loo­king for­ward to the co­m­ing ho­li­days, to Christ­mas and the ho­li­days, al­most three weeks of not­hing but re­la­xa­ti­on. But most of all I am loo­king for­ward to the din­ner on Christ­mas Eve, whe­re the­re will be goo­se or duck 😊 The fol­lowing ho­li­days are spent in a si­mi­lar way; one meets with the lar­ger fa­mi­ly cir­cle and eats tog­e­ther, then the­re is a “se­cond” present.

This is what my Christ­mas loo­ked like last year, and when I ask my col­leagues about their Christ­mas, it loo­ks si­mi­lar. Just like me, they all spend Christ­mas Eve with their fa­mi­lies, and the dai­ly rou­ti­ne is ba­si­cal­ly the same, but the­re are a few dif­fe­ren­ces. As far as food is con­cer­ned, one col­league tra­di­tio­nal­ly eats sau­sa­ge sa­lad for Christ­mas, while ano­t­her has ra­clette. One of my Mit­a­zu­bis even has a hun­ter in the fa­mi­ly, so the­re is of­ten game the­re on Christ­mas Eve. Af­ter din­ner & pres­ents ever­yo­ne spends the rest of the evening dif­fer­ent­ly, watching mo­vies with the fa­mi­ly, ea­ting coo­kies, play­ing board ga­mes, etc.

To sum up, this year too, ever­yo­ne will have a won­der­ful Christ­mas and we wish that to our rea­ders as well.


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