Cen­tral pro­ject board for pro­jects and theses

TecAlliance now of­fers its trai­nees a cen­tral pro­ject board for pro­jects and the­ses. As part of the training, each ap­pren­ti­ce has to car­ry out a pro­ject, do­cu­ment it and fi­nal­ly pre­sent it to the IHK ex­ami­na­ti­on board. The same ap­p­lies to the dual stu­dents – on the one hand, they have to car­ry out pro­ject work du­ring the prac­ti­cal pha­ses and, of cour­se, they have to wri­te a bachelor’s or master’s the­sis at the end of their stu­dies in or­der to com­ple­te their studies.

The­re is now a stan­dar­di­sed plat­form on which each em­ployee can sub­mit his or her own ide­as and sug­ges­ti­ons for po­ten­ti­al pro­jects. In ad­di­ti­on, you can see which trai­nees are cur­r­ent­ly working on a pro­ject and which to­pics al­rea­dy exist. Sub­mit­ted to­pics will be re­view­ed and fi­nal­ly as­si­gned by an in­ter­di­sci­pli­na­ry com­mis­si­on. The new pro­cess of­fers ma­xi­mum trans­pa­ren­cy and sim­pli­fies the se­arch for a sui­ta­ble to­pic for a pro­ject or the­sis. In ad­di­ti­on, the pro­cess en­cou­ra­ges in­no­va­ti­on be­cau­se every TecAlliance em­ployee can participate.

Re­mar­kab­ly, our trai­nee Tim was in­vol­ved in the idea for the pro­ject board and is re­war­ded by our idea ma­nage­ment. Good ide­as are worthwhile 🙂

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