Be­rufs­in­fo­tag 2017 in Ro­then­burg ob der Tauber

Stand of the TecAlliance at the Be­rufs­in­fo­tag 2017 in Ro­then­burg ob der Tau­ber – The for­ce was with us

On 18.05.2017 the Be­rufs­in­fo­tag 2017 was held in “Ro­then­burg ob der Tau­ber. Of cour­se, we par­ti­ci­pa­ted as well with a stand to pro­mo­te for an edu­ca­ti­on or a dual stu­dy in our com­pa­ny. Our ex­hi­bi­ti­on crew con­sis­ted of Ma­xi­mi­li­an, Ge­org and our group ma­na­ger, Kerstin.

At 4 pm, the Job In­for­ma­ti­on Day star­ted and af­ter 30 mi­nu­tes, many vi­si­tors fil­led the hall. Many in­te­res­ted pu­pils and their par­ents thought the TecAlliance is a ma­nu­fac­tu­rer of car parts or is working for the me­cha­ni­cal en­gi­nee­ring. They were as­to­nis­hed when we told them that we are ac­ti­ve in the di­gi­tal au­to­mo­ti­ve af­ter­mar­ket. Cau­se of this re­a­son, our ex­hi­bi­ti­on crew was able to talk to them about the many pos­si­bi­li­ties for a training and about the be­ne­fits of a dual stu­dy program.

The­re were small pro­mo­tio­nal gifts for the vi­si­tors: Pens, text mar­kers, fa­b­ric bags with press kits and as high­light VR glas­ses, which in con­junc­tion with their own smart­pho­ne pro­vi­de an in­sight into the vir­tu­al reality.

Many vi­si­tors were en­cou­ra­ged to an in­ternship at the TecAlliance, so that they can get a first-hand im­pres­si­on of the working world. We hope for many ap­p­li­ca­ti­ons and po­ten­ti­al rein­for­ce­ments for Te­cAl­li­an­ce’s gro­wing trai­nee team.

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