Baking an­gels for children

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Sa­tur­day morning at 8:00, my alarm clock rip­ped me out of my sleep. A litt­le re­luc­tant­ly I got up and made mys­elf rea­dy for the day – rea­dy to bake 1,200 an­gels from yeast dough for the pro­ject “Help for sick child­ren”. About 20 col­leagues of the TecAlliance as well as a part of the pro­ject choir sup­port this pro­ject. At 9:20 Vik­to­ria pi­cked me up and then we made our way to Creg­lin­gen, to the com­pa­ny Manz. When we ar­ri­ved, we took a group pic­tu­re – out­side, in front of the ent­ran­ce with un­plea­sant temperatures.

Then we went to the or­ga­niz­a­ti­on: Who does what? How much per­son­nel is nee­ded? What kind of ma­te­ri­al do we need whe­re? Whe­re can we help?

The first peop­le have disap­peared into the kit­chen. They fi­nis­hed the dough, cut it out and ba­ked the an­gels. It took a good while un­til the rest could sup­port us. When the first rea­dy-ba­ked an­gels came out of the kit­chen, it re­al­ly star­ted. First the co­lours for pain­ting the an­gels had to be mi­xed. For this, su­gar icing was used once and egg whites were bea­ten once and mi­xed with icing su­gar. With food co­lo­ring this was then co­lo­red into the de­si­red color.

At 13 o’clock the­re was re­fresh­ment for the team: po­ta­to soup with sau­sa­ges and ho­me­ma­de bread. Sin­ce the an­gels were spread all over the ta­bles, peop­le could be found ea­ting stan­ding up or ma­king room bet­ween the an­gels. The break was over and ever­yo­ne star­ted working again.

Af­ter ano­t­her 5 hours the time had come: “The dough is out.” I have ne­ver seen such re­lie­ved faces as af­ter the­se words. 30 mi­nu­tes la­ter the last an­gels were de­co­ra­ted and brought to the dry­ing room. The clea­ning went fas­ter than ex­pec­ted and at 18:45 we could se­pa­ra­te from each other with a clear con­sci­ence and fi­nal­ly start our way home.

Whe­ther we have ba­ked the 1,200 an­gels we do not know yet. But what I can say: When I went to bed that evening, it felt re­al­ly good. You could get in­vol­ved so­cial­ly and also had a lot of fun – even with peop­le you did­n’t even know. And the­re was again the op­por­tu­ni­ty to have a chat with Mit­a­zu­bis and fel­low stu­dents. We are loo­king for­ward to more such activities!

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