Back to the roots – Ma­ria Ma­ria in­tro­du­ces the DHBW in Italy

Ma­ria in­tro­du­ces the DHBW in Italy

On 28.03.2018 I was in my for­mer high school “Li­ceo Sci­en­ti­fi­co Sta­ta­le Nic­colò Co­per­ni­co” in Pra­to in Ita­ly to pre­sent my Uni­ver­si­ty DHBW Mos­bach and how the dua­ly stu­dy works. Mo­reo­ver, it was an oc­ca­si­on to talk about the TecAlliance as well. I was very hap­py and emo­tio­ned to be the­re, be­cau­se I had to speak in front of al­most 100 stu­dents in 12th and 13th class who were loo­king at me with cu­rio­si­ty the who­le time. In­de­ed, they as­ked many ques­ti­ons af­ter the end of the pre­sen­ta­ti­on. Most of the stu­dents wan­ted to know so­me­thing more about my per­so­nal ex­pe­ri­ence in Ger­ma­ny, why I cho­se to stu­dy ab­road and which dif­fi­cul­ties I had to face. Na­tu­ral­ly I told them that it was qui­te hard in the be­gin­ning, espe­cial­ly du­ring the first year sin­ce you need to ad­apt to a new en­vi­ron­ment. Howe­ver, it is very valu­ba­le to do a dual stu­dy, be­cau­se it hel­ps you grow both pro­fes­sio­nal­ly and per­so­nal­ly. In ad­di­ti­on to that, some stu­dents show­ed a gre­at in­te­rest in the pro­gram­me “Som­mer im Schloss” which en­ab­les them to come to Bad Mer­gen­theim in sum­mer every year and get to know the DHBW and several com­pa­nies like TecAlliance. Af­ter that, I went to see my for­mer pro­fes­sors and staff of the school.

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