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Du­ring the exam pe­ri­od, we all had to stu­dy du­ring the night. But at the end, all four ex­ams were ok and now, we just have to wait for the re­sults.
We have spent the last week of our se­mes­ter ab­road on the Phil­ip­pi­nes.
Our first stop was Cebu whe­re we ex­plo­red the Ka­wa­san Falls.
We have spent the re­mai­ning days on Bo­hol. The­re, we vi­si­ted the Tar­sier-Fo­rest and the Cho­co­la­te Hills. Of cour­se, we also spent some days on the be­ach in or­der to re­lax af­ter the ex­ams pe­ri­od.
Now, I am back in Ger­ma­ny af­ter I have spent five mon­ths in Asia.
By now, it is a bit awk­ward but I think that it will be nor­mal soon.
I would re­com­mend ever­yo­ne to do a se­mes­ter ab­road be­cau­se it is an unf­or­gett­able and very in­te­res­ting time. You have the op­por­tu­ni­ty to get to know va­rious cul­tures and dif­fe­rent working mo­ra­le.

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