Award ce­re­mo­ny Teamdeveloperprize

ONE TEAMONE TECALLIANCE“ is one of the key­note in the com­pa­ny. Be­cau­se of this I’m a litt­le proud to re­cie­ved the Team­de­ve­lo­per­pri­ze with my Eras­mus+ Pro­ject group. For all tho­se who didn’t read the ar­ti­cles about my time in Czech Re­pu­blic is here a short over­view. I was part of a EU pro­ject whe­re pu­pils from ger­ma­ny and Czech Re­pu­blic  work to­geh­ter on a pro­ject whe­re we de­ve­lop a game. The com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on was grea­te even in ger­ma­ny also in Czech Re­pu­blic. The award was gi­ven to us at the school cer­ti­fi­ca­te han­do­ver. The pri­ce was do­ped with a litt­le pri­ze mo­ney which we as team chan­ged in the evening to a nou­ris­hing re­fresh­ment. We be­co­me more than a team and the next mee­tings are also planned.

Fort tho­se who want to read more about my in­te­res­ting time in Czech Re­pu­blic   could read it here an our blog. Here is the ar­ti­cle of the first day.

Matthias F.

Ich bin Matthias, 22 Jahre alt. Meine Ausbildung zum IT-Systemkaufmann bei der TecAlliance GmbH habe ich im September 2015 begonnen. Seit dem konnte ich viel erleben und meine Wissen in sämtlichen Teilen der IT und dem Kaufmännischen Wesen verbessern.

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