Apart­ment se­arch in Germany

What to I need?

Be­fo­re you start loo­king for an apart­ment, some ques­ti­ons should first be cla­ri­fied in or­der to get a clear pic­tu­re of the tar­get sta­te.

    • How many rooms should the apart­ment have?
    • How much can the warm rent be?
    • Do I need a gar­den or bal­co­ny?
    • Would I be rea­dy to move to an up­per floor, even wi­thout a lift?
  • Do I need a ba­se­ment and / or a ga­ra­ge?

Once the de­si­red housing pro­fi­le has been crea­ted, it can al­most go with the apart­ment se­arch. Be­fo­re that, howe­ver, some things should be thought through:

    • Is the apart­ment lo­ca­ted di­rect­ly in the city cen­ter, or ra­ther a litt­le out­side?
    • How many ki­lo­me­ters can the apart­ment be away from work?
      •   Some In­ter­net por­tals also of­fer the pos­si­bi­li­ty to fil­ter by time.
  • Do I need a su­per­mar­ket or a bus stop right out­side the front door?

In the fi­nal step, we should cla­ri­fy the va­rious ty­pes of lea­sing and its prio­ri­ties:

         Shared rooms (main ten­ant or sub-tenant)
         Tem­pora­ry ac­com­mo­da­ti­on (most­ly furnished)

  • Apart­ment
  • Sin­gle room

Whe­re can I find?

1. Dai­ly pa­pers & advertisements

Lo­cal dai­ly news­pa­pers & ad­ver­ti­se­ments of­fer a wee­kly ad mar­ket with re­gard to housing se­arch. You have the op­ti­on of run­ning an ad, which should be pu­blis­hed one to two times. De­pen­ding on the time for­mat cos­ts but mo­ney. If you are loo­king for a che­a­per ac­com­mo­da­ti­on, you sim­ply fol­low the ad­ver­ti­se­ment mar­ket and mark po­ten­ti­al apart­ments.

2. Black Boards

The black boards in su­per­mar­kets (for ex­amp­le Kauf­land or Real) of­fer an al­ter­na­ti­ve in the se­arch for ac­com­mo­da­ti­on. Alt­hough the­re are most of­ten flat share of­fers, the­re are usual­ly a few housing of­fers lis­ted, which should not be igno­red.

3. Vit­amin B

It is al­ways han­dy when friends or ac­quain­tan­ces al­rea­dy live in the de­sti­na­ti­on city and help with the ac­com­mo­da­ti­on se­arch. You can, on the one hand, in the ac­quain­tance cir­cle, whe­ther so­meo­ne strai­ght plans to un­d­ress. On the other hand, they know any in­si­der tricks or cer­tain star­ting points, which are only known to the fe­west.

4. Real es­ta­te ex­ch­an­ges on the internet

The In­ter­net also pro­ves to be very use­ful in the se­arch for ac­com­mo­da­ti­on again. Many landlords make their housing of­fers ex­clu­si­ve­ly on­line, as this me­thod is most con­ve­ni­ent and con­ve­ni­ent. In ad­di­ti­on, pho­tos of the apart­ment can be pu­blis­hed di­rect­ly. So you get a first im­pres­si­on of the apart­ment and can save the vi­sit in the ne­ga­ti­ve case. If the pic­tures work po­si­tively and cor­re­spond to the ide­as, un­der each dis­play is al­rea­dy in­di­ca­ted al­rea­dy an ap­point­ment for a vi­sit or a te­le­pho­ne num­ber, un­der which one an ap­point­ment can make up. Many web pa­ges also work with soft­ware, such as Goog­le Maps, which can help you iden­ti­fy exact­ly whe­re the apart­ment is lo­ca­ted in the city.

In the case of the housing stock ex­ch­an­ges on the In­ter­net, the city in which you are loo­king for an apart­ment is usual­ly selec­ted first. In the se­cond step is then in­di­ca­ted af­ter what for an apart­ment one se­ar­ches. You can look for one-room apart­ments, mul­ti-room apart­ment and a room in a shared flat (shared flat), which is very po­pu­lar with the be­gin­ners in terms of pri­ce. In the next step, the se­arch re­sults can then be fil­te­red ac­cord­ing to many other cri­te­ria such as neigh­bor­hood, ren­tal cos­ts and size of the apartment.

If one is loo­king for a room in a flat share, one is also in­di­ca­ted as many per­sons li­ving in the flat and whe­ther they are wo­men or men

Be­kann­te In­ter­net Portale:

·         Im­mo­bi­li­en­s­cout

·         Im­mo­welt

·         Im­mo­net

·         Airbnb

·         WG-Ge­sucht

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