An­gels sale at REWE Bad Mergentheim

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On Fri­day the 15th of No­vem­ber, vol­un­teer trai­nees and stu­dents from Bem­be Par­kett and the Tec Al­li­an­ce met at the REWE in Bad Mer­gen­theim to sell the self-ba­ked gin­ger­b­read an­gels, woo­den an­gels, lots, kid’s punch, CDs from the pro­ject choir Schrozberg and more to rai­se mo­ney for the Hos­pi­tal for he­art sick child­ren in Tübingen.

At 09:00 a.m. the event star­ted with buil­ding up the stalls. One in the ent­ran­ce area and ano­t­her one in front of the shop­ping mar­ket. On the out­side the punch and the lots were sold. The choir CD was play­ed and also every child who pain­ted a pic­tu­re of an an­gel for the he­art sick child­ren got one bal­loon and one cup of punch for free. On the in­si­de the self-ba­ked and woo­den an­gels were sold and the lots could be re­deemed. In­te­res­ted child­ren could also paint the woo­den an­gels with crayons.

At 08:00 p.m. the event en­ded with the dis­mant­ling of the stalls. Thanks to many cus­to­mers 750€ got collec­ted. The an­gels sale will con­ti­nue at Christ­mas mar­kets in the next weeks.

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