Af­ter-work ac­tion in Elpersheim

On Tu­es­day evening, the col­leagues from El­pers­heim usual­ly or­ga­ni­se a ga­mes evening. Yes­ter­day some of the stu­dents as well as two ap­pren­ti­ces joi­ned us. Sin­ce the lo­ca­ti­on in El­pers­heim is equip­ped with game con­so­les of all kinds, the­se are na­tu­ral­ly avail­ab­le for such ac­tions. So the stress of the day fell with a round of Sing­star – with vic­to­ry for Team Red – and Crash Band­icoot. Fol­lo­wed by ga­mes like were­wolf and code­na­mes, the evening en­ded with a round of piz­za un­til ever­yo­ne fi­nal­ly star­ted their jour­ney home at 9 pm. All in all it was a very suc­cess­ful evening, which will pro­bab­ly hap­pen even more of­ten in the future.

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