Af­ter work ac­tion in Cologne

In Co­lo­gne, we have al­rea­dy star­ted our ac­tion on Tu­es­day and have de­ci­ded to spend a ty­pi­cal Co­lo­gne evening. This was main­ly due to our stu­dent Na­tha­lie, as our two trai­nees Mat­thi­as and Tat­ja­na come from Co­lo­gne. So it said af­ter work in the tram and off to the city cen­ter. The­re we or­de­red a ta­ble in the fa­mous bre­we­ry re­stau­rant “frueh”, so we got a big round ta­ble in a cozy cor­ner of the coat of arms. To get into the arms hall, we were led by the “Ober­kö­bes”, so the head wai­ter, through a small part of the re­stau­rant and we quick­ly rea­li­zed how well we have re­ser­ved. Af­ter we made our­sel­ves com­for­ta­ble in our place, came for us re­spon­si­ble “Kö­bes”, so the wai­ter, and as­ked us what we want to drink and eat, of cour­se, in real co­lo­gni­an dialect.

And as is usu­al in a ty­pi­cal Ger­man bre­we­ry, the­re is the ty­pi­cal Ger­man home coo­king. We had to say, the food was worth it in any case and ever­yo­ne was more than satisfied.
When we went out af­ter the meal from the bre­we­ry pub, we could all get some fresh air, be­cau­se in a ty­pi­cal Ger­man pub it smells usual­ly a litt­le mus­ty. Af­ter a short walk we went strai­ght to the car­ni­val store “Dei­ters”. This is con­si­de­red a car­ni­val shop par ex­cel­lence, so that ever­yo­ne has found so­me­thing af­ter a few fun­ny cos­tu­me sam­ples. The pho­tos at this point we like to spa­re you, be­cau­se it was re­al­ly very cra­zy and colorful.

Matthias F.

Ich bin Matthias, 22 Jahre alt. Meine Ausbildung zum IT-Systemkaufmann bei der TecAlliance GmbH habe ich im September 2015 begonnen. Seit dem konnte ich viel erleben und meine Wissen in sämtlichen Teilen der IT und dem Kaufmännischen Wesen verbessern.

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