Clo­sing Ce­re­mo­ny Win­ter 2018 for IT Ma­nage­ment Trainees

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On Fe­bru­a­ry 22nd, the school-lea­ving cer­ti­fi­ca­tes for ap­pren­ti­ces were is­sued at the gra­dua­ti­on ce­re­mo­ny Win­ter 2018 in Würz­burg. A to­tal of 201 pu­pils were ho­no­u­red at the Kla­ra-Op­pen­hei­mer School – in­clu­ding 3 of our trai­nees, who shor­ten­ed their training by half a year. Du­ring the clo­sing ce­re­mo­ny, va­rious pro­jects of the Kla­ra-Op­pen­hei­mer School were pre­sen­ted like a social com­mit­ment to blood do­na­ti­on. Our trai­nee Ma­xi­mi­li­an was ho­no­red as the best in his class of IT ma­nage­ment assistants.

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