2018 Kraut­heim Spring Fair

Last Sunday Pa­trick, Kers­tin and I (Nad­ja) suc­cess­ful­ly par­ti­ci­pa­ted in the Kraut­heim Spring Fair.
The fair its­elf has been around for a long time. This year, howe­ver, the spe­cial fea­ture was that for the first time com­pa­nies were able to rent a stand to pro­vi­de in­for­ma­ti­on about their vo­ca­tio­nal training or dual stu­dy courses.

On Sunday morning Pa­trick and I dro­ve to Kraut­heim in the VW bus full of tra­de fair ma­te­ri­al. Af­ter ar­ri­ving we were gree­ted by Kers­tin and then the booth con­struc­tion star­ted. We had our place with three other com­pa­nies on top of the sta­ge of the Eu­gen-Seitz-Bür­ger­haus. Ever­ything was rea­dy and the fair fi­nal­ly star­ted. To my re­li­ef we had all ne­cessa­ry ma­te­ri­als with us.
Our first vi­si­tors who en­joy­ed Gum­my be­ars and pro­mo­tio­nal gifts in the form of “glowing cray­ons” were child­ren. Sin­ce the Kraut­heim Spring is a fa­mi­ly fes­ti­val, most of the vi­si­tors were fa­mi­lies with child­ren. I al­ways had to smi­le when par­ents gave their child­ren the high­ligh­ter flowers with the words “the­se are cray­ons for painting”.
The fact that at first only peop­le vi­si­ted who were not in­te­res­ted in training, chan­ged litt­le at the be­gin­ning. The­re were a few young peop­le who soon had to take care of ca­re­er plan­ning, but slow­ly we be­gan to worry that things would stay that way throughout the day. Sin­ce the­re was­n’t much go­ing on, Pa­trick and I were al­lo­wed to have a look at the other stands at the fair. On our tour we had in­te­res­ting con­ver­sa­ti­ons with some other trai­nees. La­ter they of­ten paid us a re­turn visit.
But af­ter lunch things star­ted to be­co­me way bet­ter. Sud­den­ly the com­mu­ni­ty cent­re was very crow­ded and many new­co­mers were in­te­res­ted in an ap­pren­ti­ce­ship or a dual cour­se of stu­dy. Some par­ents and grand­par­ents re­g­ret­ted that their child­ren or grand­child­ren were not pre­sent, alt­hough they will soon be fi­nis­hed with school and will then have to de­ci­de on their future.
At the end of the fair day we had some in­te­res­ted peop­le at our stand and we were able to dis­mant­le it at 5 p.m. with a clear con­sci­ence, as we were able to re­ach some po­ten­ti­al ap­p­li­cants af­ter all.

Even if the fair did not look very pro­mi­sing from the vi­si­tors at the be­gin­ning, this chan­ged du­ring the cour­se of the day. It had pro­bab­ly not re­al­ly got around to the po­ten­ti­al tar­get group that this year for the first time com­pa­nies could rent a stand at the fair to ad­ver­ti­se ap­pren­ti­ce­ships or cour­ses of stu­dy. I hope word gets around un­til next year.

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