Shang­hai Ad­ven­ture – Lin in China

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Nĭ hăo, wŏ de míng zi shì Lin!

Hel­lo, my name is Lin!

… and I’m do­ing my 4th prac­ti­ce se­mes­ter in our sub­si­dia­ry TecAlliance Asia in Shang­hai. I sup­port their Sa­les & Mar­ke­ting team.

I ar­ri­ved on Mon­day, 11th Sep­tem­ber 2017 and first way brought me into our Shang­hai of­fice. I wan­ted to meet my col­leagues and in­tro­du­ce mys­elf. But I hadn’t much time to ar­ri­ve the­re be­fo­re some of my col­leagues kid­na­ped me: They took me out to Lunch.

In the re­stau­rant I was fa­ced with the first cul­tu­ral dif­fe­ren­ces. Ea­ting tog­e­ther in Chi­na is much dif­fe­rent to ea­ting tog­e­ther in Ger­ma­ny. Whe­re in Ger­ma­ny ever­yo­ne is or­de­ring their own dis­hes, in Chi­na one is or­de­ring dif­fe­rent me­als and ever­yo­ne is ea­ting them tog­e­ther. And of cour­se we use chop sticks.

I lik­ed it re­al­ly much and I’ll keep go­ing on with let­ting my col­leagues or­der the dif­fe­rent dis­hes. With that I al­ways can try new me­als even if I don’t know what I’m ea­ting. So­me­ti­mes I can guess and so­me­ti­mes I as­ked af­ter I fi­nis­hed. So far I en­joy­ed al­most ever­ything I tried.

Bes­i­des the food, working is also dif­fe­rent to what I’m used to. Ac­com­pli­shing the ste­reo­ty­pe, we’re all sit­ting in litt­le booths wi­t­hin open space of­fices. Alt­hough ever­yo­ne got a own litt­le booth I ne­ver felt alo­ne or lost. Every now and then col­leagues come over to ask how’s it go­ing or if I want some litt­le snack.

In Ger­ma­ny I’m used to start working at 7am. Here in Shang­hai most of us be­gin our work at 9am and work un­til 6pm. That’s not that bad for me, be­cau­se in that way I can be part of Mee­tings in Ger­ma­ny, even with the time dif­fe­rence of 6 hours.

Well, I’ll spend some more time here and that’s why you’ll sure read some more of my experiences.

Un­til then best gree­tings from Shanghai! 😊

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