Te­cIn­no­va­ti­or award for Jo­nas and David

To­day Jo­nas and Da­vid were re­war­ded by our group ma­na­ger Kers­tin with the Te­cIn­no­va­tor award. Both sub­mit­ted ide­as for the TecAlliance idea ma­nage­ment, who re­view­ed and ap­pro­ved the ide­as. Jo­nas sub­mit­ted an im­pro­ve­ment for a bet­ter au­dio qua­li­ty du­ring em­ployee mee­tings. The mee­ting mo­de­ra­tor can use an ad­di­tio­nal mi­cro­pho­ne or head­set to im­pro­ve the au­di­bi­li­ty for peop­le who are con­nec­ted via re­mo­te ac­cess. Da­vid sug­gested a sta­tus mo­ni­tor with in­for­ma­ti­on for the sub­ur­ban train sta­ti­on next to the new site in Co­lo­gne. It hel­ps em­ployees to get easy up­dates about cross­overs, de­lays and departures.

Jo­nas and Da­vid were re­war­ded with a deed, a Te­cIn­no­va­tor lamp and a fi­nan­cial bo­nus. Good in­no­va­tions are al­ways wel­co­me and are worthwhile for both sides.

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